Collection: IL Levriero Collection

The exclusive Lialai collection is for those who ride on the wind’s back with fearless valor. Each staple within this collection was designed for pets and parents who want to live, laugh, and love immersed in an air of quality, functionality, and exquisite beauty. This rare harness design is wider in the front and slimmer at the back to ensure comfort and ease of mobility, whether you’re strolling in the sun or dancing in the moonlight.

As a luxury Italian pet brand, we are passionate about quality, durability, and longevity.

Cats and dogs are so much more than animals. They are our closest companions who love us unconditionally, and the feeling is mutual. They deserve to be draped in quality accessories that exude an aura of sophistication and class.

Our mission is to provide a destination where aesthetical distinction,sustainability, and elegance entwine.