Welcome to Lialai

Upholding the Centuries’ Old Legacy Of Authentic Italian Quality

Lialai is an ultra-luxury pet fashion house where everything is 100% made by hand in Italy. Every seam and stitch is delicately woven at the hands of passionate local craftsmen, with quality you can feel. Our talented artisans work exclusively with genuine Italian leather to bring you more than products, but timeless investments and heirlooms that will never weather at the hands of time.

From sleek dog harnesses, to Italian leather collars and to genuine leather pet waste bags, Lialai accessories are crafted with premium fabric directly from Italy’s most revered fashion houses.

Owing to the scarcity of our signature fabric, we produce luxury pet fashion in small quantities, growing your companion’s wardrobe with statement pieces imbued with craftmanship and exquisite attention to every detail.